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8.5" Mama Cloth Pad

8.5" Mama Cloth Pad

These pads are made with a total of four layers of flannel and a bottom layer of PUL for waterproofing.  Very absorbent, yet trim.  This size is great for lighter flow days, back-up to a menstrual cup, or for incontinence issues.

The pads feature a removable, snap in liner for easy washing and drying.  Each pad includes one liner and one wing portion.  The wings snap around the underwear for simple and secure attachment.

These are also a great starter size for young women.

8.5" long, 3" wide at the top and bottom, and just slightly more than 2.5" wide at the center (when snapped in place).

Care instructions: Cold rinse after use (i.e. in the bathroom sink), machine wash cold or hot, low heat dry or line dry.  Unsnapping the liners is optional during laundering.  

**Samples shown are for illustration only - These are made to order to your fabric selection.  Please visit our Facebook Fabric Album to select your fabric.  Have a special fabric in mind and don't see it?  Just ask!  

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